Pupils in lower school will have to remain home on certain days at Queen Anne High School due to a shortage of staff in the wake of the coronavirus

A letter to parents says that senior pupils need to be prioritised as they try to complete the SQA courses under significant pressure. 

In response to increasing staff shortages, they are requesting that one year group stays at home each day on a rota basis. 

As follows;

March 18 - S3 to remain at home

March 19 - S1 to remain at home

March 20 - S2 to remain at home 

March 23 -S3 to remain at home

March 24 - S1 to remain at home

March 25 - S2 to remain at home

March 26 - S3 to remain at home

March 27 - S1 to remain at home

The partial closure does not affect Woodmill pupils. 

All free school pupils are welcome to report to the Dining Hall between 10-35-11 to pick up a packed lunch or to have hot food at the school. 

Digital learning resources are also available on the school website. 

Rector Ruth McFarlane said: "We all fully appreciate the significant pressures senior phase pupils are working under at the moment.

"This morning I visited classes across the school to gauge pupil and staff wellbeing.

"The effort and commitment to learning demonstrated by senior phase pupils was excellent.

"Teachers are doing a wonderful job in reassuring our young people and sustaining learning in very difficult circumstances. "