A WEST FIFE mum has hit out at Fife Council after she was issued with a parking ticket while she dropped her disabled daughter off at school.

Yvonne Greig had taken 14-year-old Kaitlyn to the Woodmill high DAS unit – currently based at Blairhall Primary – after a hospital appointment.

As the bus stop is next to the entrance, she parked on its edge to ensure it wasn't too far for her daughter to walk.

Despite only taking four minutes to get her into school safely just before 10.30am, she was disgusted to find that a parking attendant had "pounced" on her vehicle during that time and given her a ticket.

"I was aware when I stopped there it is normally used for school buses; it isn't used as a public service bus stop so is pretty much only used at school run times," she said.

"I had left plenty of room and had put the blue badge up and, as I was coming out, the parking attendant was there. I said: 'That's not for me is it?' and said Kaitlyn was disabled and that we had just been to hospital and I was taking her into school, which is being used for the Woodmill DAS.

"I said: 'You aren't giving me a parking ticket' and he said he couldn't help the highway code. His attitude was absolutely shocking. He was in a hire van and pounced the minute he saw me.

"I understand, fair enough, if there is a normal bus stop if it was used by the service bus. Maybe lawfully, it was OK, but morally, I thought it was really poor.

"Fife Council are saying they have done everything there for the school to make it accessible for them while they are there. Well this is not making it accessible."

Kaitlyn was born with the rare disease, Unbalanced Chromosome Translocation, which affects her mobility.

She is currently in S2 at Woodmill and had been based at Blairhall in the DAS unit since the fire caused pupils to be uprooted in August.

"She is doing OK," added Yvonne, of Tirran Drive. "It has been a big upheaval with the fire at the school but she is actually quite settled there. The school have done a great job in doing everything they possibly can but they need to do everything they can to make the school accessible if this is happening."

Fife Council lead consultant Scott Blyth said: "While we can't comment on individual cases, parking restrictions are in place to ensure both the safety of the public and to help relieve traffic congestion. This is particularly important when a school is nearby.

"Anyone who parks in a designated bus stop is liable to receiving a parking ticket. However, we appreciate that on certain occasions, there may be mitigating circumstances and that's exactly why we have an appeals process. We'd urge anyone who feels that they have received a parking ticket unfairly to lodge an appeal with us so that we can consider those circumstances."