COUNCILLORS want to save the community-use facilities at the Wing when Inverkeithing High School closes its doors.

The South and West Fife area committee has backed a motion calling on Fife Council to preserve the "highly-prized facility" when the site is redeveloped.

A new high school will be built on the other side of the A921 at Hillend or the Fleet Grounds in Rosyth.

The current school is likely to be knocked down and there are fears the Wing, which is used for sports and fitness, including swimming lessons, as well as creative arts, guitar lessons, youth clubs and adult evening classes, could be lost too.

Councillor Alice McGarry, convener of the committee, said: "We really don't want to lose the swimming pool as it's the only one in the South and West Fife area. But it also has a gym, games hall, the astroturf pitches and tennis courts.

"They could all go and that would be a huge loss for the town.

"We're living in uncertain times but it would be disastrous if the Wing went."

The motion from Councillor Dave Dempsey asked the council to preserve it, "ensuring that the service provided to the local community and contribution this facility makes to the local community plan continues".

He also highlighted concerns about the existing site, given the history of the old Inverkeithing Primary School. It has lain empty since 2006 and was damaged badly after a fire in November 2018. Demolition plans have been opposed and it remains an eyesore.

The council has promised "state-of-the-art" community-use facilities in the new high school but said it won't include a swimming pool.

Estimated costs for maintaining and refurbishing the Wing and relocating the all-weather pitch would be £5 million to £6m while new-build facilities would be more expensive.

Cllr McGarry said: "Once we know what the plans are, we can take measures to try and safeguard the Wing as that's what the people of Inverkeithing and Dalgety Bay would expect.

"The Wing was a one-off; a prototype for community development and community education in Fife.

"It wasn't just built to be part of the school, it was to be used by the community and the high school.

"It probably does need refurbished but it's a standalone building, completely detached, so the possibilities are there to keep it although I think there'd have to be some kind of external funding and community involvement in running it."

As for the new school, Cllr McGarry believes the Fleet Grounds is a done deal.

She said: "Everything is pointing towards the Rosyth site, that's my feeling.

"It's really quite depressing. The loss of the school to Inverkeithing would be incalculable.

"If the will was there it would be going on the existing site; I can't see any reason for it not being chosen.

"The sticking point is the supposed asbestos contamination under the whole playing fields, we don't know if it is extensive, and we're told it will cost £20 million to remove the asbestos and demolish the school?

"It's not as if the Rosyth site is a good place for kids to go, it's almost in the back of beyond; there's nothing there apart from a very busy road.

"And the site off the A921 is, in my opinion, not suitable."