Scottish schools are expected to close by the end of this week. 

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said it is "inevitable" that schools will shut in a live press conference. 

The public should also not assume schools and nurseries will reopen after the Easter break, Ms Sturgeon said. 

She further added that she could not be certain that schools would reopen before the summer holidays either.

She said: "It will not be easy but together we will get through this." 

The deputy first minister will set out arrangements that will put in place in time for parliament tomorrow. 

Key workers such as doctors, nurses and other critical staff, will be looked at to keep them working on the front line. 

Scotland's Chief Medical Officer Catherine Calderwood explained that the decision to close schools has come from the change in numbers. 

She said there are 227 cases confirmed today and that will be a significant underestimate. 

Despite the measures lockdown is still not necessary. 

The SQA and Scottish Government have released a joint statement regarding the circumstances.

They've agreed that every effort should be made to ensure schools remain partially open to allow Senior pupils to complete learning and be able to submit coursework.

In addition, schools should open as examination centres during the diet, should medical and scientific advice allow.

The statement said: "The Scottish Government and the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) fully appreciates the concerns of learners, parents and carers, schools and colleges. 

"As you would expect, the SQA is working through a range of scenarios, including in the event that there is significant disruption to the diet.

"In the meantime, we strongly suggest that schools and colleges continue to prioritise the completion of coursework, including for those subjects with later deadlines. 

"Our exceptional circumstances service, which allows a school or college who believe that a candidate has suffered, for example bereavement or illness during exams, or has been self-isolating, to inform us of the circumstances and submit alternative evidence of attainment demonstrated by the candidate, will be available.

"Schools and colleges should be gathering any alternative evidence on candidate performance as they would do in the normal way, and as per our guidance every year, to support any consideration of exceptional circumstances. 

"Currently, marker recruitment is on track and we have additional reserves, if needed. 

The SQA are strongly encouraging all candidates to sign up to MySQA, their online and text service, as a direct way to receive their results.