AN 81-YEAR-OLD woman had her security camera vandalised by a neighbour who thought he was being spied on.

The camera was damaged by 42-year-old Kenneth Hynd, of Mellor Court, Rosyth.

He initially submitted a guilty plea by letter at Dunfermline Sheriff Court and was not present for sentencing because he was self-isolating.

Depute fiscal Dev Kapadia said: “There were ongoing issues between the complainer and the accused going back to the summer of 2018.

“As a result, a CCTV camera had been installed. The accused was seen on the camera coming out of his property and looking carefully at the CCTV.

“He then hid behind a wall before coming out and cutting a wire. He then waited for a time before he walked away. He had tried to keep out of the CCTV but it recorded enough to identify him.”

Defence solicitor Elaine Buist said: “He was going through a difficult time with his mental health after the break-up of a long-term relationship.

“He thought neighbours had been spying on him. On this occasion, he had been drinking. He tried to unplug the camera but ended up breaking it.

“There’s now no ill-feeling between them and they exchanged Christmas cards.”

Sheriff Alastair Brown fined Hynd £225.