YOUNG thugs attacked Indian street-food restaurant Dhoom in Dunfermline by banging on the window where two young Muslim women were eating.

Diners who witnessed the disturbing incident rang the police but hung up as nobody had answered after 10 minutes.

It's not the first time Dhoom has been targeted – a group of teens have been getting onto the roof of the restaurant.

Dunfermline Central councillor Gary Haldane said: "Not only is this disturbing and totally unacceptable, it is clearly an incident that should be treated as a hate crime. Although the group are young school children, this cannot be tolerated.

"As these children are of school age, do their parents know where they are? More importantly, do they care?

"Where is the respect from these children? Obviously, they have none, so how do they get on in their own home amongst their own families?

"Once again, a few badly-behaved kids are tarnishing the good work many of our children do and takes away the very good work our schools and police put in to educate our children on tackling discrimination and, in this case, particularly Islamaphobia.

"If anyone witnessed this incident and recognised one of the children, please report it on 101, which can be anonymous, as this should not be accepted.

"We need society to stand up against this type of incident and if you are a parent of one of these children then the responsibility for your children lies with you."

Owner Dhaneshwar Parsad said police had told staff not to confront youths any more for their own safety.

But Parsad said the problem was driving away business.

"One customer left a review saying how great their meal was but they probably wouldn't come back to Dunfermline," he said.

"The two young women were also tourists from down south.

"Police seem to be aware of these youngsters. But my message as a business owner is to parents: please look after your child and don't just leave them for the public have to deal with.

"Everybody is having a hard time and it's annoying for a business that is already struggling."