CONTROVERSIAL plans to build a new petrol station in Rosyth near the M90 motorway have been withdrawn.

Earlier this year, Transport Scotland said that the proposal to build the station at Fairykirk Road should be be refused due to concerns about road safety – many Rosyth residents also agreed.

The government agency also felt that the facility, which would be next to the trunk road that’s one of the busiest in West Fife, could impede the “free flow of traffic”.

There were more than 20 objections to Euro Garages Ltd’s plans to build a new filling station and create 30 jobs at the site, which is next to the A985 Admiralty Road and the roundabout linking to the M90 motorway.

A planning application was submitted to Fife Council last summer.

Councillor Andrew Verrecchia said: "I received many complaints from constituents about this. Their feeling was it wasn't a particular good place to put a petrol station.

"Firstly, because there is a petrol station further along Admiralty Road and, secondly, it's right off a slip road.

"I think they would feel it was the right thing to do."

Transport Scotland pointed out in their recommendation for refusal that Euro Garages had not addressed issues that were seen originally in a planning application from them in 2017.

Other objectors highlighted issues such as speeding cars, access and parking problems on Fairykirk Road, and an increase in congestion, noise, litter and light pollution.

Admiralty Road is also one of two roads in West Fife that is monitored for air quality, with concerns that additional levels of traffic would pose more air pollution problems and health risks for residents.

It’s also adjacent to the Fife Council-approved route for pupils from Rosyth to walk to Inverkeithing High School – although this has been criticised heavily by parents and local councillors who claim the links to and from the roundabout are already too dangerous for children to negotiate.

Danny Hughes, chairman of Rosyth Community Council, added: "The general feeling was that the petrol station could not have been situated in a more inappropriate place.

"It would have made the area so much busier.

"I think it is a good thing that they pulled out."

The site was put up for sale in March 2017 and currently houses two empty offices and a vacant warehouse.

A similar application was made by Euro Garages Ltd in November 2017 but was later withdrawn.