NHS Fife have said thank you to everyone who has donated and made goodwill gestures during the coronavirus pandemic.

A wide and varied range of goods and services have been made available to staff over the last few weeks, which are being gratefully received by workers.

NHS Fife have had baked cupcakes from local families delivered as well as large scale food donations from major supermarket chains or restaurants.

The amount of support being received has been so significant that a distribution hub has now been set up to ensure that as many staff as possible are able to benefit.

NHS Fife Chief Executive, Carol Potter, said: "The support that NHS Fife continues to receive is fantastic and we are extremely grateful for everything that we receive.

"Our staff go above and beyond every day and these tokens of appreciation – no matter how large or small – show the incredible amount of support that is there for them during what is a uniquely challenging time.

"Our catering staff are working hard to distribute these donations and supply them to areas across our hospitals."