A KINCARDINE youngster is hoping to go all out to be a "champ" one more time to raise money in memory of a late school teacher.

Jay Empson, a Primary 7 pupil at Tulliallan Primary School, is hoping to run 13 miles along the Fife Coastal Path, from Limekilns to his home village, in May for Cancer Research UK to remember Stewart Ollis, who died last year.

Popular Stewart, 50, had suffered from bowel cancer and had taught Pars season ticket-holder Jay, 11, and his classmates in Primary 5 – where he covered for Tulliallan teacher Leanne Bain, who herself had a cancer scare.

Jay, who said Stewart mostly called him "champ", is hoping to complete the run with both Leanne and his uncle, Darren, and has already raised around £600 in online donations – smashing an original target of £500.

When asked if being nicknamed in such a way meant he was one of Stewart's top pupils, he joked: "I don't know about that. That (running) is the only thing I'm really good at, apart from playing football!

"He was a nice person. He was a teacher who I had a good relationship with and enjoyed his outdoor learning."

Jay's mum, Fiona, explained: "All the school were told together that Mr Ollis had passed away, and they all came out of school extremely upset.

"Jay was obviously beside himself, and he wanted to give his birthday money to the family, but I said I'm quite sure Mr Ollis would want you to buy yourself a pair of football boots or something, however, it's a lovely gesture.

"Then he said, can I maybe do something to raise money for cancer? He came up with the idea and we've backed him all the way with it.

"We've had contact with Mrs Ollis and she's highly delighted for Jay to offer do such a thing in Mr Ollis' memory. She said that Mr Ollis thought a lot of Jay, and talked about him in the house quite a bit.

"He's always been really sporty and athletic but he's really considerate of others. We're really proud of him."

Stewart's wife, Sharon, who is also a teacher, commented: "Stewart did call him 'Champ', and not Jay, and they did get on really well.

"Stewart tried to make things fun, and it's nice that Jay still remembers him. It's a lovely thing to do."

Leanne, who runs a running club at Tulliallan, added: "I started teaching Jay when he was in P4. I could see then the talent this little boy displayed in sport, especially football.

"To be honest, that's not really what impressed me the most – what did impress me was his ability and willingness to help, support and encourage others.

"Since then, Jay has taken an active role in supporting me and other team members to plan, and organise, the running club and football club.

"Last year, we sadly lost our fab teacher, Mr Ollis. He was a great team member who also enjoyed sports and the outdoors.

"Jay has taken the opportunity to use his skills and help Cancer Research, a charity close to my own heart, too.

"I cannot explain how proud I am of Jay, and I’ll help him in whatever way I can."

Jay is hoping to do his run on May 29, and anyone wishing to make a donation can do so at https://fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/page/jay-darrens-giving-page.