HAVE you ever wondered what happens to your tooth after the tooth fairy takes it away?

A pound coin is left on your pillow but where does your tooth go?

That question is posed by Dunfermline author Neil Ewart in his second children’s book, The Tooth Queen.

Neil, from Inzievar, had grown tired of reading his children underwhelming bedtime stories that lacked a message and meaning.

That prompted him to grab a pen and start writing his own stories and he’s since had one published with as many as 20 others all waiting for release.

His first book, Elephant Stew, received glowing reviews from parents upon its release six years ago, and that was an unexpected bonus for Neil.

He told the Press: “Getting contacted by people that have been reading my book to their children has been the highlight, without a doubt.

“Seeing children excited by the stories I write is very rewarding.

“You’ve changed someone’s bedtime routine.

“To have that kind of impact is very humbling.

“I just love to see families reading and enjoying my book in the way that it was intended.”

The Tooth Queen was released on Thursday, March 26 and is available on Amazon.

The story came from Neil’s childhood and an age-old question.

He said: “I always wondered, as a kid, where did your tooth go?

“The tooth fairy was taking it for a reason, right?

“So this book answers those questions as well as why it’s so important to brush your teeth and keep them clean as well.”

There’s also a hidden picture running through the book for families and children to keep an eye out for which may give clues as to what his next book will be about.

Neil is encouraging any local schools and nurseries to get in touch if they would like a copy.

They can message Olympia Publishers via email: publicity@olympiapublishers.com