ROAD restrictions have been put in place in Inverkeithing to prevent commuters blocking residential streets.

Double yellow lines will be extended beside three properties in Preston Crescent and waiting restrictions have also been agreed for the street.

It's hoped the measure will prevent the road from becoming a single lane which obstructs buses and HGVs.

Inverkeithing councillors Alice McGarry and David Barratt have also been trying to get improved parking provision here but say it has proved difficult with limited budgets.

Meanwhile, a scheme to bring in waiting restrictions in Roods Square will go ahead after a consultation by Fife Council received no objections.

The street's location close to the rail station with quick pedestrian access makes it an ideal long-term parking spot for commuters.

A proposal was put forward in November to reduce parking to a three-hour maximum stay from Monday to Friday, removing its attraction.

Residents are now being contacted so they can be issued with exemption permits.

Similar restrictions already operate in other streets neighbouring the station.

Cllr Barratt said: "We periodically have complaints from residents and recently they've increased patrolling of the area and fines have been issued just in the last few weeks and that will continue.

"We have experienced, though, that commuters are willing to walk further and further as you put restrictions in.

"Ultimately, it comes down to needing more parking provision and we have done that but it gets filled very quickly.

"It's a difficult one to manage."