AN ARTISTIC Dalgety Bay woman has paid her own special tribute to the hero of lockdown.

Deirdre O'Neill used three copies of the Radio Times and some diluted PVA (polyvinyl acetate) to make a head sculpture of Captain Tom Moore.

Dressed with the two-and-a-half pound head on her shoulders, she made a special appearance as the 100-year-old at last week's Clap for Carers.

The week before, the papier-mâché was Professor Chris Whitty and tonight (Thursday) Deirdre has got another creation in store for her neighbours.

The 82-year-old told the Press: "I am a retired primary school teacher so you become a jack-of-all-trades and master of none during your career!

"Before lockdown, I was asked if I could teach papier-mâché to a drama group in Edinburgh so I had prepared a whole workshop but obviously never got to do it!

"I did want to show them what you could do with just some paper so after that, I had an idea that I could just create something big right now for the neighbours and to keep me busy while I'm at home."

Cardboard boxes and wool were used to make the head's features.

And Deirdre said it didn't take much to turn Professor Whitty into Captain Moore!

Although her next persona is taking a bit more of a different direction ...

"I would say I am a bit of an eccentric!" Deirdre said.

"People have said everything from that I am very talented to downright bonkers and nutty!

"It's keeping me busy and I'm sure my neighbours will be waiting in anticipation to see what I have transformed into tonight!"