GRAFFITI artists have been busy brightening up the old paper mill site in Inverkeithing with some new street art.

The Inverkeithing Trust, a community group co-ordinating different projects to improve the town, posted photos of the artwork to see what locals thought.

Overwhelmingly, most residents thought the graffiti was a great addition to the town, prompting the trust to think about what other street art could be commissioned.

Shona Reppe, a member of Inverkeithing Trust, said: "Artists have been using the old paper mill for quite some time now.

"We don't know who they are but they are amazing artists and it's beautiful work.

"Now and then they come along and spray a new design.

"We wondered what people thought of them and the response has been very positive."

Shona says locals were excited by the street art and because of the social media post, people had been going to visit the site.

"It's great to see what people think of the graffiti because it can be quite a controversial issue – is it art or vandalism?" she added.

"People think it brightens up the place and it would be nice to see a mural in the town.

"The street art in Kelty and Cowdenbeath looks fantastic!

"So there is potential for a mural of course with community involvement.

"The paper mill was a big part of the community and the graffiti is a nod to what was there.

"It's an obvious canvas for graffiti artists."