DONATIONS have been given to staff at Victoria Hospital who cared for a devoted Saline grandad who lost his life to coronavirus.

James Wilson, known as Jimmy, lost his battle with the disease on April 3 at the age of 73.

The grandad of six was a member of McDonough Fitness and trained as part of a rehabilitation group after suffering a heart attack.

After his shock death, business owner Jamie McDonough has posted care packages paid for by a raffle fundraiser to the staff at Ward 51 at the Vic who gave Jimmy amazing care in his final days.

Jimmy's daughter, Michelle Paterson, said: "Jamie's classes were not just brilliant for my dad's health but his social wellbeing too.

"He thought they were fantastic so we can't thank Jamie enough for his kind support.

"Not only did he send these care packages to the nurses that brilliantly looked after our dad but raised a lot of money for the COVID response appeal.

"He got on fantastic with my dad and decided he wanted to thank those who cared for him.

"My sister is a midwife so knew exactly what the staff would appreciate such as hand cream and lip balm."

Although Jimmy had previously had a heart attack some years ago, his family said he kept in relatively good health.

He went into hospital on March 29 and died five days later.

He leaves behind his wife, Sheena; three daughters Michelle, Donna and Nicole; and his six grandchildren.

"He seemed to be recovering from COVID," Michelle explained.

"Then he suddenly went downhill and they think his heart was too weak and just gave up on him.

"He had just been living at home with my mum. He wasn't really ill beforehand and was living a normal life. We have no idea how he picked coronavirus up. He was in the house for two weeks beforehand and I think he went out twice during that time, so it must have been then.

"Mum has mild symptoms but didn't test positive.

"Obviously, we weren't allowed to see him and that was the hardest part.

"Luckily he had an iPad with him so we video-called but it was quite hard to speak to him with his oxygen mask on."

Jimmy's family were told that he was making a recovery just before he died.

He needed less oxygen and had started eating and talking to the nurses.

But just a short time after that call, they were told he had died.

"We couldn't believe how quickly it had happened when we just got our hopes up," Michelle added.

"I think it was totally unexpected by the staff too.

"It's been a very hard month.

"The nurses were fantastic though and were patient with us on the phone even though they were under so much pressure.

"I'm so thankful that we've been able to give something back."

Jamie McDonough raised £700 through a raffle fundraiser for free personal training.

Money was donated to the NHS as well as providing care packages to nurses at Ward 51.

He added: "It was a big shock to hear of Jimmy's passing.

"He was a great guy, with a great character; the life and soul of the party and a cheeky chap!

"You hear the figures but it's crazy when you know someone that has actually died from the virus.

"I'm just glad that I could do something to help those that cared for Jimmy."