LOUIE BROWN'S have been praised for providing a "lifeline" for a housebound woman.

Dalgety Bay local Shirley Christison has received a takeaway meal five days a week since the Bay restaurant started providing lunches to the vulnerable eight weeks ago.

The 55-year-old is paralysed down one side, leaving her unable to get the essential items she needs.

Shirley told the Press: "I'm really quite isolated so it was my friend that suggested I get in contact with Louie Brown's.

"Every single day, a volunteer has been at my door providing me with a meal.

"I'm absolutely blown away by the community spirit shown. It's just so wonderful.

"It really has been a lifeline for me as I'm completely housebound."

As reported previously in the Press, Louie Brown's has been providing up to 180 meals a day, from Monday to Friday, during lockdown.

They've been helped with supplies from other businesses such as Watsons Butchers and Raith fruits.

They've also had contributions from several local groups and organisations, including from the Dalgety Bay and Hillend Gala and the Rotary Club of Inverkeithing and Dalgety Bay.

They have seven volunteer delivery drivers serving the town with meals prepared by their two chefs, James Thomas and John Gow.

Shirley says the restaurant and their army of volunteer deserve all the praise for their kind deeds during this difficult time.

"Not only are they providing me food, it helps my emotional wellbeing seeing someone at my front door each day," she added.

"It's so nice to see so much good happening. They're really good meals as well!

"At Easter, I was given some chocolate and flowers – it's just brilliant.

"I feel so lucky to get this service from them.

"I am not able to just walk to the shops and it's extremely hard to get any sort of delivery, so knowing that I will get something to eat keeps my mind at ease."

One of the gastropub’s managers, Lauren Robertson, told the Press: “Shirley is a wee angel and we have loved looking after her!

"That's us now on our eighth week of providing food.

"There's still about the same amount of people each day and most of these people are shielding.

"We've been overwhelmed by the generous donations from the community after appealing for help funding this. So many businesses have helped and we also have a local lady, Angela, baking for us.

"It's so nice to hear that people are grateful and I think it provides more than just a meal having a smiling face to see each day!"

If you know anyone who is self-isolating, vulnerable or over the age of 70, phone: 07711987888 or 07935664846 or contact their Facebook page. It is a free service which is monitored on a week-to-week basis.