OUTDOOR projections are lighting up Dunfermline buildings as a "thank you" to the NHS and essential workers.

Images are displayed at night across Fire Station Creative, Debenhams and the 'gap site' on the High Street.

It's been organised by Fife Council as a sign of solidarity through these challenging times.

Councillor Helen Law, Dunfermline area committee convener, said: "At night time, they do look quite outstanding!

"This is a thank you to our incredible NHS and key workers.

"This includes everyone from care workers to bin crews and volunteers who really are going that extra mile!"

Cllr Law she was overwhelmed to hear of the number of people from the West Fife who have volunteered over recent weeks.

Figures show that out of around 2,200 people across Fife supporting the Helping Hands initiative, around 500 of them are from Dunfermline.

"I've been so impressed with the number of people helping from this area," Helen added.

"It shows the strong sense of community spirit here.

"That is definitely reflected in those numbers, probably about 25 per cent of the total across the Kingdom.

"There's been a hugely positive response to the projections too, which is fantastic.

"Dunfermline Delivers tell me around 10,000 folks have contacted them about the lights.

"Obviously, they don't come on till later but hopefully those key workers will see them on their way home from a shift.

"We'll be keeping them on for the time being to make sure everyone gets a look!"