SIXTEEN seagull nests – half of them containing eggs – have been destroyed in Inverkeithing.

It is the first step in the renewed fight against the nuisance birds which have plagued the town for years.

The Press told you last month that the Boreland Estate Gull Group (BEGG) had been launched to tackle the problem.

Around 100 households have signed up to the project, which has seen Dunfermline-based Scottish Pest Control commissioned to find and destroy nests.

They were able to use information from residents to carry out the work in efforts to stop more gull chicks from hatching in the area.

Another visit is expected by the end of the month.

David Barratt, councillor for Inverkeithing and Dalgety Bay, said: "After months of planning, over 100 households signing up, a drone survey and residents keeping an eye out for any nest-building activity, Friday, May 8 was the day for the Boreland Estate.

"Dunfermline-based Scottish Pest Control arrived early and, led by information provided by the residents, inspected roofs across the estate and, under licence, removed 16 nests with around half containing eggs.

"This was the first of multiple visits to come over the breeding season with the aim of reducing the number of chicks hatching later this year.

"The contractors were able to following social distancing rules and by all accounts had a successful day and were well received by residents."

Cllr Barratt is hoping that more locals will sign up to the scheme for the project's benefit.

"There were inevitably a few nests identified on households not participating in the pilot project but even if the strategy reduces the number of chicks by 50 per cent this year, it will have a massive impact on the amenity of the estate," he commented.

"If any households, seeing the initial success, now want to participate, it's not too late and they should contact the group as soon as possible.

"The strategy must work in tandem with everyone doing their bit to avoid domestic waste becoming a source of food. Fife Council has also written to households identified as feeding the gulls.

"The project is an excellent example of how communities can come together, pool resources and share the costs, knowing it will benefit the entire community.

"This has all been achieved without council funding."

Anyone looking to join or help the group can email: