FIFE COUNCIL have taken "enforcement action on a frequent basis" to help buses turn at Inverkeithing Railway Station.

People have been using the turning circle at the station as a drop-off point with taxi drivers also not leaving enough space for buses to get past.

Their actions have caused Stagecoach drivers great difficulty in manoeuvring around the area to the bus stop located near the platform.

A spokesperson for Stagecoach said: "I can confirm our concerns relating to congestion and indiscriminate parking within this turning circle have been raised with the local authority on a number of occasions and we continue to await a positive outcome for all service users making use of this area."

Fife Council did make changes to the area last year to create more space but the problem has continued.

John Mitchell, service manager, commented: "We are aware of the issues around the turning circle at Inverkeithing Railway Station.

"There is a mixture of designated taxi and bus parking spaces, along with yellow lines to prohibit waiting.

"The bus stop and taxi rank were adjusted in 2019 to improve access, which works well if drivers adhere to the signed restrictions.

"Unfortunately, a small number of drivers continue to ignore these restrictions, which can create problems for buses accessing the stop.

"We take enforcement action on a frequent basis to encourage compliance and minimise disruption.

"Other measures are being investigated with partners to help better manage the situation, including encouraging drivers to use Chapel Place car park which is the designated drop-off point."