A ROSYTH teen has recorded a rendition of Tina Turner classic ‘Simply the best’ with her future classmates to thank NHS Fife staff.

Former St Columba’s pupil Rebecca Gould, 17, is due to attend the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and made an arrangement of the hit with the help of some talented young musicians.

Rebecca’s school education has come to an abrupt end due to the coronavirus but as she looks forward to her next steps, she has taken the time to get to know her future classmates.

That’s when the idea came to her to create an arrangement of the tune so her new friends could show their appreciation to our frontline heroes.

Rebecca said: “It was a wee while ago that I made the arrangement, basically out of boredom!

“But I never found the right time to play it.

“I’ve recently got to know the people I’ll be going to uni with though.

“Everybody sent me their parts and I put it all together.

“I’m the only one from Fife but some of my classmates have relatives who are in the NHS so that made it special – it actually brought a tear to my eye!”

A total of 18 youngsters are involved in the rendition, all aged between 17 and 19. It took just five days for Rebecca to create the video from sending out the music to editing the final parts.

Rebecca, who plays the flute and piano, added: “I didn’t get to do my final exams which is very frustrating.

“My place at uni is conditional to study teaching music so I’m just hoping everything works out OK.

“I was working at Tony Macaroni’s but I was put on furlough so I ended up getting a job at Tesco!

“I have to say sometimes I hate social media but it’s times like these it just shows how amazing it is.

“I’ve been able to get to know my future classmates; we’re doing weekly quizzes and chatting all the time so when it comes to September we’ll all know each other!”