A COMMUNITY group helping those who've fallen on hard times due to the health pandemic is appealing for new premises.

Sarah Keeble first set up the ‘West Fife support for the vulnerable’ group on Facebook just before lockdown and it has gone from strength to strength, helping hundreds of people in the area.

It all started from the single mum's home but now a host of volunteers also keep it running.

Currently, their stock is taking over the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints building in Dunfermline and includes a

foodbank collection, clothing bank and education bank plus much more!

Meals are also prepared from Sarah's home.

The mum believes their help will be needed for many more months to come and is appealing for the use of a building to make their own.

Sarah said: "It's turned into a big operation and I can't believe this all started just 10 weeks ago!

"The people of Dunfermline are extremely generous and I can't believe the scale of it all.

"It may seem like a lot but the donations are going out just as quick as they are coming in.

"We've even developed an app so when we visit the people we're helping, we can just keep a note of their needs so we can deliver it next time.

"The church here has been brilliant but there will be a point when they need to be able to come back in as we've taken it over, so it would be brilliant if some kind person could help us out!"

Sarah’s group has been so good at helping people in need that established charities have even approached her asking her if she could help.

Charity FareShare, who work towards eliminating food poverty, have been so impressed with their set-up they are supporting them with donations even though they are not an official charity.

The Press took a virtual look around the group's base and a hall and three rooms were overflowing with donations such as clothes, shoes, baby equipment, activities, toys and toiletries as well as tables upon tables of groceries.

Volunteers are all doing this in their own time and are even using their own money to make deliveries.

That's why Sarah is looking into getting funding from the Scottish Government and has asked MSP Shirley-Anne Somerville for her help.

"We feel that it will be even worse in the future because of the huge hit to the economy," Sarah added.

"People might not have a job to go back to and their hours will be cut and the problem is just going to manifest in the local community.

"These are the people that we are trying to help because there is not a lot in place for people who have never experienced anything like this and have no idea about benefits or what they are entitled to.

"People are going to go into poverty and I already know of situations where people are having to choose whether they pay for their electric or gas."

Shirley-Anne Somerville, MSP for Dunfermline, said: "I've been blown away by Sarah's efforts so far.

"She's done a wonderful job to help her local community and I'm glad I was able to speak with her to understand the work that's been carried out so far and what they still hope to accomplish.

"I'm ready to help in any way I can and have already discussed with her what options could be available for additional funding.

"There has been a great demonstration of community spirit throughout this crisis and I am humbled by the numerous examples of people going out of their way to support each other."