A DUNFERMLINE baby boy gave his parents quite a surprise when he was born in a car on the A92 en route to the Victoria Hospital!

Mum Cara Cook was all booked in for a planned C-section the week after Cairn Rio's birth on March 17 but the two-month-old couldn't wait!

Late on a Tuesday evening, Cara's waters had broken and husband Stewart raced back from work to get her to the hospital.

But while travelling along the A92 it wasn't too long before Cara couldn't help but push and, before she knew it, baby Cairn was in her arms delivered on the passenger seat of a convertible!

Cara, 40, a teacher, told the Press: "My husband was on nightshift that day but when my waters broke at 10.30pm he raced back home from Burntisland.

"The contractions were every two minutes so it was really quick!

"We'd only just had our car for a week so my husband went running in to get toddler bed-wetting pants to put down on the seat!

"We were just past the Lochgelly junction when I said he was coming!

"Stewart told me to suck him back in!

"Before I knew it, Cairn's head was out.

"It happened so quickly he basically arrived in my leggings!"

Stewart was still driving while Cara delivered their son unable to find a safe place to stop!

He was on the phone to a call-handler talking the couple through the drama and an ambulance met them at a roundabout in Kirkcaldy.

Cara said: "Cairn wasn't breathing too well and the call-handler was absolutely brilliant, talking through everything until the paramedics were there.

"It wasn't the most dignified thing going from a car to an ambulance with the umbilical cord still attached!

"I'm so glad that I was a bit oblivious to what was going on!

"I can laugh now but I wasn't at the time!

"It was one to remember anyway!"

Cairn Rio was born at 11.07pm on March 17, weighing 7lbs 1ozs.

But he isn't the only one in the family to have an unexpected birth as both of his two older brothers also arrived early!

"None of my children have come as planned!" Cara added.

"My 18-year-old came at 24 weeks and my toddler was also a week earlier than the planned C-section but I at least got to the hospital with them!

"It was also just before the start of lockdown so overall it was just a strange experience!

"When Stewart tried to put the light on in the car he pressed the roof button instead so the roof came off the convertible too!

"It was like an episode of Eastenders!"