FRASER ANDERSON is off the road for now but you can catch snippets from The Barber's Bus when he returns to TV screens tomorrow (Friday).

He featured in the first series of Mirror Mirror and he's back for another run as cameras capture the candid conversations between Scottish hairdressers and their customers.

Fraser has been cutting hair in the back of a minibus in Dalgety Bay for 18 years and a regular is one of the highlights of episode one.

He laughed: "I've got a customer who's a local businessman, I love the guy to death but he's off the charts.

"He bought a nuclear bunker some years ago, it's more of an installation really, up near Knockhill.

"It's got water wells, solar panels and a generator that lasts for a million years and he said: 'I don't know what I'm going to do with it'.

"I said: 'Can you turn it into a house and put in windows and he said: 'Windows! The walls are eight-feet thick!'"

Asked how he was dealing with the fame of being on TV, Fraser dead-panned: "It's on BBC Scotland so only about 17 people watch it!

"Nothing's changed. I got ribbed for being on the show in the first place so I'm not a megastar!

"It's good fun though."

It's on tomorrow at 10.30pm on BBC Scotland and will be available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

Fraser said: "The bus is unique and I'm quite outspoken anyway so they asked me back.

"When you hear your own recorded voice it's horrible. I've already had a few comments and it's not been on yet!

"My wife and daughter are my biggest critics, if they say it's OK that'll do me."

It was filmed before lockdown and with the bus off the road due to COVID-19, he's now switching from bangs to bangers.

He also teaches Krav Maga self-defence classes but that's on hold too.

"Thankfully, about November last year, I bought a horse box and I've been converting it into a hot dog unit," he explained.

"The council are going to find me a spot I can put it up.

"I thought it'd be good for events at the weekend but now it could be my saving grace until we get back to cutting hair."