PEOPLE from different career paths have navigated themselves to Amazon Dunfermline after coronavirus cost them their jobs elsewhere.

New recruits range from an arborist, architect, beautician and life guard to a pilot, scientists, a singer and tattooists.

Physicist Alasdair Lennon, from Dunfermline, worked previously as a research scientist in the field of quantum technology at the University of Strathclyde.

His contract ended as the coronavirus and subsequent lockdown was announced which made trying to get a job relevant to his skillset incredibly difficult.

He is currently now working as a picker at his local fulfilment centre.

Alasdair said: “The best thing about working at Amazon is that the people are laidback and easygoing and the job is a lot more relaxed than expected."

He plans to look for jobs within Scotland's flourishing photonics industry as a laser engineer and is also considering trying out professional software development given the coding skills and knowledge he has gained as a physicist.

Pilot Greg Poulter Jones worked for Flybe out of Edinburgh for three years and flew to many regional airports across the UK, and at times to Europe.

Sadly, due to the collapse of Flybe, Greg was made unemployed and he decided to apply for a job at Amazon as it fitted in well with his lifestyle due to the shift patterns.

He is now working in the shipping department at the fulfilment centre, and said: “I appreciate being given the opportunity to work at this time.

"It's not a nice feeling being without anything and so I am just so appreciative to be working at Amazon."