Police are carrying out enquiries after a male was struck on the head with a shopping basket at Tesco's Rosyth store. 

The incident at the Queensferry shop yesterday afternoon (Sunday) occurred after an argument broke out between two men. 

The man who was struck to the head was left with a slight cut. 

We're told both males did not want the police involved but the incident was reported to the emergency services by Tesco staff. 

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "Around 4pm on Sunday 7 June 2020 an argument between two male customers occurred within Tesco's in Queensferry Road, Rosyth.

"One of the men sustained a slight cut to his head after being struck with a shopping basket. He refused medical attention.

"Both men did not want police contacted, however, the incident was reported to police by staff at the store.

"Police will carry out further enquiries."