DALGETY BAY Community Council say speeding and an increase in traffic next to the Gateway development will lead to an accident.

Families living around Ridge Way are worried while cars have been damaged along the street, which sits alongside a number of supermarkets and an industrial estate.

And residents fear it will only get worse with plans for a petrol station at Asda and drive-thru Costa under way.

Chair Anya Saunders said: "Pretty much from Aldi all the way down the road there is a range of ongoing issues.

"A lot of problems are to do with speeding.

"Before lockdown, the problem was that it was extremely busy but because it's been quieter, the speeding has been worse.

"It's a very difficult road to cross."

The Gateway development includes an Aldi, Greggs bakers, Specsavers, Domino’s restaurant, Screwfix Direct and a Vets4Pets business and this sits opposite Asda.

The Scarborough Muir Group, a major landowner at Rosyth Waterfront, outlined their vision for the £4 million site in May 2013.

A planning application was submitted later that year and approved in 2015.

The community council say they have asked for a traffic survey but it has been declined by Fife Council and transport officers consider the existing set-up to be designed appropriately.

Anya added: "It seems that it is not busy enough from what I can understand.

"But we're trying to make things as safe as possible.

"If it was just a couple of residents complaining, you might be able to understand but when it's multiple it causes more questions.

"It is like wacky races. I can understand that transport has a budget but you can see that the writing's on the wall."

Resident Peter Collins said: "We get a lot of speeding cars and also HGVs that seem to treat it as a race track.

"Myself and a couple of neighbours wrote to the police and to be fair to them they did launch an initiative targeting hotspots but they obviously can't be there all the time.

"There is a limit to what the council can do and I understand that.

"I've just told my neighbours to keep writing to the police and we might eventually get a camera van as you see regularly on Queensferry Road."

Councillor David Barratt said: "Transportation has assessed traffic-calming measures along Ridge Way.

"Often people seem to think that the speed limit is over 30pm there and it's a persistent problem.

"There have been speed watches and speed guns but it's actually against the law for the council to put in speed limit signs in a residential area that is 30mph.

"That's because anyone who knows their Highway Code will know that all residential areas are 30mph and if they put a sign up, there might be the risk that people think it's 40mph further along. So it's not something that the council can do."