TEACHERS at Dalgety Bay Primary have been tying ribbons and delivering motivational postcards to help their pupils feel connected to the school community.

Lockdown has been incredibly difficult for lots of children across West Fife who have not been able to see their teachers and friends.

But in a bid to help them remember they are still very much a part of their school community, staff have been tying ribbons and messages on the school railings and encouraging kids to do the same.

They've created a section for each class and the nursery in the hope it will eventually create a sea of colour!

On top of all of that, teachers have also been delivering motivational postcards to their classes and getting to say a quick hello in person in the process.

Headteacher Coleen Thomas told the Press: "Like every school, we've found ourselves in a fairly unprecedented situation!

"We've been working hard as a team to get all the children engaged in their learning.

"But as the weeks have gone by, it has become increasingly difficult to keep them engaged.

"Parents have been doing a great job at giving children structure but I think it's become difficult simply because they're not getting that face-to-face interaction with their teachers.

"So we thought what can we do as a school community?

"The positive postcards have reminded them that they belong to a school community; equally, seeing their teachers in person with a quick wave I think has been really beneficial for them."

Teachers wrote a personalised message for each child on the cards and delivered them on the training day at the start of last week.

"The feedback from parents has been phenomenal!" Coleen added.

"I think they really needed that personal interaction with their teachers instead of just a screen so it's been a really worthwhile process.

"Equally, it's been really beneficial for my colleagues too because we really miss our pupils!

"We're hoping that the children can come themselves at some point and tie a ribbon on the railings so we'll have a rainbow!

"I think it's important they see their school building too to feel part of the community.

"It's certainly given us all a boost!"