A TRIBUTE has been paid to the only police officer to be shot while on duty in Fife.

Fife Police Division highlighted the career of Constable John Marshall on social media recently.

PC Marshall was on patrol on October 26, 1920, when he was advised of a disturbance taking place in a fish and chip restaurant on Inglis Street, Dunfermline, where a man was said to be in possession of a revolver.

On attending the scene, the man ran off along Bonnar Street, followed closely by PC Marshall.

After running for some distance, the man turned round and fired his revolver, wounding PC Marshall in the groin.

Other police officers then joined the chase, which ended abruptly on East Port, opposite Viewfield Baptist Church, when the fugitive committed suicide by turning the gun upon himself.

After a convalescence of nine weeks, Constable Marshall returned to duty but was pensioned off on ill-health in 1924.

He had joined Dunfermline in 1913 from Lanarkshire Constabulary, who he first served with in September 1896.

Constable Marshall remains the only police officer to have been shot while on duty in Fife and lived until the age of 92.

His Lanarkshire Constabulary belt and buckle and some other personal effects are held by Fife Division museum.