SINGLE MUM Sharron Langham has been juggling childcare and her job as an emergency call handler through lockdown – all with a smile on her face!

The Dunfermline mum-of-two was nominated by pal Claire Yuill to be recognised in the Press as one of West Fife's key worker heroes.

Claire met Sharron through play dates and toddler groups with their kids and told the Press how proud she was of her friend.

"Sharron works for the Ambulance Service so she's been helping a lot of people over the last few months," Claire said.

"She has been working all through lockdown without complaint and has has to change all her shifts around just so she can fit in childcare at the education hubs.

"She's done this all on her own as her mum and dad are normally a great help for and look after her kids so she can work.

"However, her dad has been ill so her parents have had to shield.

"It's hard enough being a single parent normally I'm sure without these added pressures!

"But she does it all with a smile on her face and she deserves some recognition!"

After the Press told Sharron she had been nominated, she said: "That is really lovely! I can't believe it!

"It's my son's birthday today so that makes it even more special.

"It's not been the best but you just have to get on with it!

"I'm grateful for the gesture!"