KEY WORKER Johann McAspurn has worked every hour she can at Aldi Dunfermline while home-schooling her two kids and caring for her grandmother and sister.

The Abbeyview woman hasn't stopped putting others first during lockdown and that's why she's getting a big shout-out as part of our 'Thank you' to the hundreds of people who have kept West Fife going in these unprecedented times.

Johann was nominated by her sister, Robyn Ferguson. She said: "My sister has never stopped.

"She has her own kids to care for but in her spare time, she looks after our elderly grandmother and myself who are both self-isolating.

"She works as many shifts as she can to help the public get the essential items they need.

"I wouldn't normally do this sort of thing but I've never seen someone do so much!"

Johann has also been taking extra shifts to support her family after her husband was put on furlough.

"My sister does my gran's shopping and also sits talking to her at the window because she is just terrified to go outside and see what's going on," Robyn said.

"She is also doing my shopping and all she does is think about others."

The Press surprised Johann with the news of her nomination. The 30-year-old said: "I was taken aback by the news!

"What a surprise!

"I'm just trying to do what needs to be done.

"Working was stressful at the beginning of lockdown when everyone was panic-buying but it's not as bad now things have calmed down.

"The customers seem to be a lot more approachable!

"My eldest child, who is about to turn 10, has taken to home-schooling quite well as has my three-year-old actually.

"We just do what we can but they are very much missing their friends!

"Our gran has chronic asthma so she has been quite frightened. She's worried about what it will look like out there when she is eventually allowed out.

"So when I go shopping, I Facetime time her so she can pretend that she's there because she does love to go and out about!

"It's the same for my sister who is disabled. Robyn has missing limbs and just really misses seeing everyone.

"It's wonderful that she nominated me to say thank you – it's really lovely."