A SERIES of events has been organised by Dunfermline's Amy Lou in a bid to ensure Pride month is not forgotten this year.

With so many summer events already cancelled, there was a concern that the chance to celebrate Pride in 2020 would be missed.

In response, Amy Lou's Big Pride Doo has been set up and will take place from today Monday, June 29, until Saturday.

The week will feature nightly Instagram interviews and performances with LGBTQ+ musicians and creators from across the UK, along with a range of other events.

Some limited-edition merchandise will also be made available, with all proceeds going to LBGT Youth Scotland.

Saturday will also see a full live performance streamed through Fife Pride's social media.

Though the LGBTQ+ community will not be able to celebrate as previous years, Amy Lou hopes the event will give everyone a chance to raise a glass this summer.

The singer said: "For me, Pride is a massive part of the year, it means so much to me and a lot of people in my audience.

"I wanted to put together an online Pride to try and fight this loss, as it’s a vital part of education that will help us all move forward and towards full acceptance.

"I also really wanted to use my platform to highlight many LGBTQ+ artists and creators across the UK to my audience that they may not have heard of before, to help get more and more artists like me on people’s listening radar.”