A FORMER English teacher has turned her front room into a studio to help kids with online classes during lockdown.

Lesley Paton, from Duloch, has spent hundreds of hours creating content for high school pupils while also being a foster parent and caring for her two kids who have medical needs.

It means that kind-hearted Lesley can be up to the early hours creating lesson plans which she puts up live on YouTube twice a day.

Husband Eddie was so amazed by what she's done he nominated her as part of the Press' thank you to West Fife key workers.

He said: "She was a teacher for about 15 years but down to some family circumstances she stopped working last year.

"We have our hands full and also in the middle of the adoption process but she still wanted to help.

"We know how difficult it is trying to home-school your kids and keep them interested.

"Our daughter got a green screen so we thought we'd try it out – there's been a few technical glitches but we managed to sort it out!

"I just think what she's done is fantastic! She's on there Monday to Friday twice a day.

"She's really passionate about teaching English and she's really missed it so this has given her a way of still doing that."

The YouTube channel is called 'Aim Higher' – there's a Facebook page with the weekly timetable, lessons, PowerPoints and free worksheets for everyone who needs them.

The live lessons are on every weekday at 10.30am (for kids in S1-S3 or late primary years) and at 2pm for S4-S6 pupils.

Lesley, who used to work at Beath High, said: "It has been a lot of hard work trying to prepare – I've had a couple of friends asking what on Earth I'm doing!

"I've actually really enjoyed it and I also feel like I'm helping out by relieving the pressure on some of my fellow teachers.

"I think it's important that pupils get some of that interaction time with teachers and bring a bit of humanity so they feel like they're in a classroom.

"It's also given me my confidence back after the gap I've had."

Lesley added: "As a parent, I am slightly worried about the school they've missed but as a teacher I do think that kids have got the ability to catch up.

"I think that has been part of why I've done this too.

"I'm aware that more disadvantaged children can't get tutoring so if I can give them that extra help it's been worthwhile."

You can check out Lesley's lessons at http://www.youtube.com/c/AimHigherWS