THE nursery at Townhill Primary School has been targeted by "mindless vandals".

Headteacher Janine Pirouet told the Press she was angry and saddened by the recent spate of anti-social behaviour which has seen play areas trashed by idiots.

She said: "Our summer house has been targeted by mindless vandals in recent weeks.

"This thoughtless behaviour has trashed many items that would have been used by the children on their return to nursery in August.

"We are working with police who are making enquiries."

Chairman of Townhill Community Council, Ronnie Cowan, said: "They've had three break-ins at the nursery in recent weeks.

"It's part of the ongoing nonsense with youths congregating. If they don't cause any trouble, I don't have a problem with it but apparently this time a group caused a lot of damage.

"They came through from the woods, rather than through the centre of the village, which has CCTV.

"Someone had phoned the police and said there were about 14 youths there but by the time the police got there they were away.

"As a consequence, the local inspector said that two of the community police officers would be on foot patrol and it's quietened down a bit."

Police Scotland confirmed that additional patrols were being carried out in the area after reports of vandalism in Townhill.

A spokesperson said enquiries were ongoing.