AN INITIATIVE to prevent seagulls hatching in an Inverkeithing estate could take flight in other parts of the town.

The Boreland Estate Gull Group (BEGG) was set up recently in a renewed fight against the nuisance birds which have plagued residents for years.

Around 100 households signed up to the pilot project and 16 seagull nests – half of them containing eggs – were destroyed in May.

Inverkeithing councillor David Barratt helped organise the group and he believes there's an interest for other groups to form in different areas in the town.

He said: "As the pilot Boreland Estate project continues and with early indications of a marked improvement in the quality of life on the estate, I am happy to work with other groups to explore opportunities for similar initiatives in other parts of the town.

"Based purely on the volume of emails and social media reports, I believe there is interest in both Spencerfield and Hillfield areas of the town. If you are interested in discussing this, please get in touch.

"Lockdown makes things a little more difficult but there are things we can do this year to explore the viability of a scheme and prepare for next year."

The group commissioned Dunfermline-based Scottish Pest Control to destroy nests at locations identified by Inverkeithing households.

Cllr Barratt is hoping a residents' survey will be conducted by those in the Hillfield and Spencerfield areas to see how many would take part and how much people would be willing to pay.

He said: "The success of the Boreland pilot stemmed from over half the residents taking part. It depended heavily on the determination and hard work of a residents' group of around six members. I would say three to four is the minimum needed to make this happen."