FIFE COUNCIL have provided guidance to taxi drivers and private hire cars over the use of screens in their vehicles.

The Scottish Government have also reminded owners that screens or partitions are not to be used in place of social distancing or other hygiene measures but can be used as another precaution.

A local authority spokesperson said: "We have not approved any specific screens in vehicles nor are we recommending any specific screens, at this time.

"However, fleet operations has looked at a couple of vehicles with screens fitted and advised that they can be used, as a temporary measure, but any risk assessments should be carried out by the operators.

"Most other councils are adopting the same practice."

Scottish Government guidelines state: "There has been an increase in interest of the use of screens as a way of providing physical separation between drivers and passengers in order to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

"Partitions in taxis or PHCs do not provide a fully-seated compartment which completely separates the driver from the passenger. Therefore, whilst it is possible that partitions may reduce the risk of transmission of infection, the risk would not be eliminated entirely.

"If an operator decides to fit a protective screen to the licensed car, the operator must contact their local licensing authority to advise that the he/she has plans to do this. There must be proof that the relevant insurer has been contacted and that the insurer has confirmed that the necessary insurance would be unaffected by the proposed installation of the screen."

Scottish Government guidelines state that drivers must wear a face covering unless there is a partition, such as a screen, between themselves and the passenger(s).

Screens must also be fitted professionally and securely in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

It is mandatory for all members of the public to wear a face covering while using public transport, such as taxis.

Children under the age of five, those with breathing difficulties and those with physical conditions which make it hard to keep a mask in place, are exempt from this rule.

Drivers are also advised to keep a bottle of hand sanitiser gel in their vehicle as well as being advised not to handle money and to use alternative payment methods instead.