A GREEN-FINGERED thief stole gardening tools from a charity dedicated to making sure the Glen is in tip-top condition.

Four bags of compost along with a watering can and a watering wand for a hosepipe were taken from the Friends of Pittencrieff Park greenhouse around June 25.

But after the charity group shared the news via social media a local shopkeeper came to the rescue and donated the items for free.

Harry Dunn, chair of Friends of Pittencrieff Park, said: “Rahnan Ali, who runs a store in Rumblingwell, kindly offered to replace the items and add anything else we needed!

“Others have also offered to donate and we would like to say thank you to everyone that is supporting us.

“During lockdown, people have been more even more appreciative of a walk around the Glen.

“Obviously, the pandemic has altered what we could do so we’re just starting to get back now but I think Fife Council have done a great job at keeping it in shape as much as they can. Hopefully,the volunteers can get it looking a bit more attractive now! I’m guessing during lockdown someone took the opportunity to break in with gardening being so popular.”

Many West Fifers were sad to hear via Facebook that the charity had been targeted.

Nicole Bell said: “Dreadful. The Glen has been a lifeline for so many over the past few months.”

Sheena Whiting added: “You’re kidding! How low can some people stoop?!”