TWO childhood friends are closer than ever after a nurse raced to help deliver her pal's beautiful baby boy.

Mollie Ager rushed to the aid of Caitlin McMurchie at her Rosyth home last Tuesday just as little Lochlan started to emerge.

There were a couple of complications but the newest addition to the family arrived safe and sound, weighing six pounds and 15 ounces.

He arrived a few days ahead of schedule – the due date was July 5 – but both Caitlin and Lochlan are doing well with partner Danny Craigie and elder brother Hendrix, who turns three in August.

Speaking to the Press, Caitlin said: "My waters broke when I was in Matalan (in Dunfermline) so I came home and waited for Danny to get back from work.

"He came home and my contractions started getting really bad. They were coming really fast.

"We were getting ready to leave for the hospital but I refused to get in the car because I knew the baby was coming.

"My sister had phoned Mollie and my mum had phoned an ambulance.

"Mollie got here first so she got to the house, put her gloves on and delivered baby Lochlan as soon as she got here.

"It was pretty traumatic but I'm just glad that everything is OK now.

"When he was being delivered, the cord snapped. They had to use an iPhone cable to tie his chord and a piece of string to tie my cord.

"There was quite a lot of blood loss from me, so I've had two blood transfusions since.

"The baby is doing well and I'm recovering; I'm feeling pretty good."

Caitlin, 24, was full of praise for her mum, Mary; and Mollie, for helping welcome Lochlan to the world on June 30.

"We're so grateful for our family and friends who were there during the birth that helped us," Caitlin added.

"They were all so brave and worked together for the safe arrival of Lochlan before the ambulance got there.

"And the NHS staff also did amazing looking after us in the hospital.

"We're just happy to be home and enjoying being a family of four."

For Mollie, helping her St Margaret's Primary School friend was an experience she'll never forget.

She told the Press: "I was driving at the time when her sister phoned me and ever so slightly downplayed what was happening.

"She said that they couldn't get Caitlin in the car, so I was expecting to be going there to help her with that, as I'm a nurse and health visitor.

"Within five minutes of me turning up at the house I could see that baby Lochlan was coming very quickly.

"It all just so happened so quickly.

"I think they were a bit relieved when they saw me – not that I knew what I was doing, to be honest!

"We were lucky that the ambulance crew were on the phone to us at the time to help us."

Mollie, 25, says Lochlan was "absolutely perfect".

She added: "Looking back on it, it was a special moment.

"It was terrifying at the time but I'm just happy that Caitlin and Lochlan are both doing well.

"He was absolutely perfect. There was not a scratch on that baby. He was just perfect.

"I've known Caitlin since primary school, so I've known her for years and we've always been close.

"It's just made us that much closer."