PLANS to build a business park in Duloch boarding Calais Woods have attracted hundreds of objections.

A campaign has been launched to save the green space at Axis Point beside Sandpiper Drive.

Applicant Almond Real Estate Company Limited would like planning permission in principle for a mixed development that would include business, general industrial and storage or distribution units.

Martin Willocks, from the community group 'Save Calais Woods Wildlife', said the campaign was just one of four that they want the public to rally behind before any more green space is lost.

He told the Press: "There was a proposal for this last year but as far we can tell there's been no public notice and only three neighbours have been notified.

"This development would come right up to the ancient woodland, which is protected.

"Unfortunately, the development that has already taken place to borders of the woods has had a detrimental effect on the site, causing more and more damage.

"Due to the long-term mismanagement of the woodlands, there are no buffer zones with developments so some of the trees at the edge of the woods have been lost.

"Natural buffer zones should have been there but it went unchecked so there is less space for wildlife.

"At Sandpiper Drive, there was a pond but what we called 'blue waters' has now become brown.

"What was a vibrant area for green space has just died."

Unfortunately, a path network that was created through the woodlands that the group say was done with good intentions has also become a problem in recent years.

Vandalism is rampant in the area and just last week the Press reported a mass gathering that thrashed the woods.

"The sheer amount of people going through it is trampling grassland and plants to the detriment of wildlife," Martin explained.

"There were good intentions for the woodland and when the eastern expansion began 25 years ago. It was planned that it would form a country park area but that has been totally lost now.

"Fife Council took over the management of it but they haven't got the funding or staffing to do anything. It's frustrating.

"For a lot of people, this is an important part of the green space in Dunfermline.

"Places like the Glen are well looked after but Calais Woods gets nothing at all."

Some of the species that the community group says have been lost include badgers, owls and deer, with the latter hit by cars regularly because of overdevelopment or even killed by dogs.

Martin added: "Development plans are coming in thick and fast and we want to stand up to try and protect our green spaces as much as possible.

"Builders just want to try and push for as much land as they can get.

"The national planning system is deeply unfair and favours developers, you see that all over West Fife.

"But we're hoping we can put a spanner in the works before any planning permission is granted for that site."

If planning permission was granted, it would mean that two business parks would be built right opposite each other with Fife Interchange also earmarked for the same sort of development.

"The site is kept for employability but these plans were made over 20 years ago and things have changed a lot," Martin said.

"A recent check showed there were 50 units up for lease in the area – it's not needed.

"We hope we can persuade Fife Council to pause on it if we get enough public feeling.

"I fear for our wildlife and the community if we turn Duloch into just a place of concrete and metal."

The public will need to register their comments on the proposal by July 20 at