A MISSING chameleon from Rosyth is now home after vanishing for more than a month.

The Press recently reported that Igor transformed into an escape artist as he left his back garden enclosure on Findlay Street back on June 17.

Sharon Muir was getting worried about her exotic pet but remained optimistic that he was still out there.

And she had every right to be as the veiled/Yemen chameleon was spotted in a neighbour’s garden last Sunday afternoon.

Sharon said Igor was walking across a bench at around 3.30pm when her neighbour noticed him.

She commented: “I’ve been to the vets today who said he’s in amazingly good health, just a bit dehydrated and bruised, but his tail will need to be amputated.

“He has injured it at some point and most of it is dead. He has some bruises too."

Sharon added: “I've no idea how any of it happened.

“He goes back to the vets on Friday to have this done.

“He’s on antibiotics and is getting lots of tender love and care.”