Crossgates residents have been singing the praises of villagers who have taken time to brighten up the area with some colourful bikes.

Peters Seath of Coaledge and Dianne Adamson from Fordell have renovated four bicycles that are filled with floral displays.

Peter told the Press that he’s now working on the fifth bike! He said: “It started when a lady from the old folks home asked if I could put one there.

“We intend to keep going. I think they put a smile on everyone’s face which is important when we’re going through these difficult times.”

Ross Bennett posted on the village’s community page his personal thanks for the work. He stated: “Crossgates Together thanks to Peter for the lovely bikes that are appearing all over the village just now.

“These are adding another touch of class and are really welcome.”

Community councillor Maureen Cuthbertson said: "What Peter and Dianne have done is fabulous. Dianne is very innovative and is involved in the local green-fingers group.

“Of course, when the normal village competition has been cancelled Dianne thought she would just use her flowers to make a display anyway!

“They have done a tremendous job cheering people up, it’s really appreciated.”