A BLACK Lives Matter protest will take place in Dunfermline on Saturday for those who wish to take a stand against racism.

The event in Pittencrieff Park will include speakers and poets and will call on the Scottish Government to make changes to the curriculum so that black history is taught in schools.

‘BLM Fife’ will take place from 1 to 5pm and "aims to celebrate our differences while speaking out about injustices".

It has been stressed that it is a peaceful protest and social distancing measures will need to be adhered to, including wearing masks.

Crosshill mum Mercy Kessy, 23, was inspired to arrange the event after taking part in protests in Edinburgh in June, as reported previously in the Press.

She said: “The theme behind the event will be to empower black and brown people in our local community. We don’t want people to shout about the problems we face but dialogue about the solutions that there are too.

“It will be about celebrating our culture and history and the resilience we have from our past. We want people to feel that things are going to get better.”

The programme will include talks and poetry from Graham Campbell, Sid Akbar, Courtney Stoddart, Kadi Johnson and music with the playing of the bagpipes.

So far around 300 people on the event's Facebook page have confirmed they are going to the demonstration.

Mercy added: “I have seen a lot of people speaking in the name of the Black Lives Matter movement that are using fear and intimidation and that’s not going to accomplish anything.

“There is another way and we want to be clear that there will not be any room for violence at BLM Fife events. Nobody is going to listen if that’s the approach some want to take.

“The key things for me is education and I think that is going to change the course the most for future generations so we will be asking people to write notes as part of a letter campaign to Holyrood.”

Find out more at ‘BLM Fife’ on Facebook.