NO ROWS, a hand or two of whist and a shared love of gardening has helped a Crombie couple enjoy 60 years of wedded bliss.

Cecil and Helen Fox have "put up with each other!" since they were married on July 23, 1960, at Dunfermline Abbey and they celebrated their diamond anniversary last week.

They lived most of their lives in their beloved Crombie before moving to Cairneyhill just a few years ago.

The diamond duo met as teenagers growing up in the West Fife village and attending the local youth group and tennis club.

When they were a bit older they starting courting for a few years before getting married in 1960.

Their legacy includes three sons; Andrew, John and James, seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren!

Helen told the Press: “How do you make it to 60 years? Well, I guess you just put up with each other!

“We were reflecting on what it’s been like and we realised we’ve never really rowed.

“We’ve had a good life together and we’ve been really happy.

“As happy as you can be!"

She continued: “These 60 years have gone really quickly – we can’t believe it has been so long really.

“There have been one or two ups and downs but there always is in life.

“It’s hard to think of any funny stories just because there have been so many silly things it’s hard to remember!

“But we both love gardening and we also enjoy a game of whist.”

After the couple got married Helen continued to work for her father at his farm in Crombie and Cecil was a bricklayer throughout his working days.

“We lived in the same house all our married life until we moved to a smaller place a few years ago,” Helen said.

“It was a big adjustment!

“Because of coronavirus we could only have our family around for a get-together but we will hopefully celebrate in the future!”