A CANADIAN singer inspired by his trip to West Fife has written a song called 'Dalgety Bay' and featured it on his brand new album.

Glen Foster, who has been a professional musician for over 40 years, stayed with friends in the town in 2016 and had such a wonderful time that he picked up his guitar when he got home and wrote the song, which is now part of his new album ‘Not Far Away’.

He hopes he will be able to come back to Fife to perform the song in person in the future.

Glen, who lives on Vancouver Island, said: “Dalgety Bay was our base as we toured around Scotland.

"We had a wonderful time in Dalgety and enjoyed the scenery there, walking around and exploring the area.

“I live in a small city called Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada. It’s a port city, and Dalgety Bay being a coastal town felt like home to me – I love living near the ocean with the smell of the salty air and water.

“I found the town charming, quaint and very friendly, a great place to live, just like in the song.

“The whole area is beautiful and just seemed peaceful to me. We love the history, and also spent time in Edinburgh, Stirling Castle, Wallace Monument and Glasgow."

He continued: “I often think that a good song starts with a really good title.

“When I first heard the name ‘Dalgety Bay’ I thought it had a very nice ring to it.

“Then when I visited our friends who live there I had this romantic notion of a young couple who fall in love, settle down there and never want to leave because they are so happy.

“I didn’t have an instrument with me at the time but I jotted down lyrics and ideas and then composed music on the guitar when I returned home to Canada.

"The rest all fell nicely into place.”

Glen stayed with Andy Hislop, who has lived in Dalgety Bay for 50 years.

He said: "I've known Glen for a number of years as he's a friend of my cousins so we were quite pleased when he said he had written a song about Dalgety Bay.

"I've heard the song and I can't say it is much about the place but at least it's called after it!

"It would be great for him to come over and we can set up a couple of gigs for him."

Glen composes songs and performs as well as having his own small record label and publishing company.

He is also part of a band called the Glen Foster Group and has brought out seven albums over the years.

“I started out making a rock album with my band, but soon realised that it needed some extra dynamics and a change of pace,” he added.

“Dalgety Bay was one of my favourite ballads and a really beautiful song, so we put a lot of work into making it sound as good as it possibly could and still fit into the context of a rock album.

“All of Scotland has an incredible history and a heritage that everyone there can be proud of.

"My wife and I have Scottish ancestry so in a way it is like ‘home’ to us.

“I certainly hope we will be back!

"We have relatives in Edinburgh and down in Cambridge, and of course our friends in Dalgety so there is lots of incentive for us to return once again.

“I can imagine coming back and playing my guitar in some pubs and giving a few concerts.

"It would be so great if people knew my Dalgety Bay song."

Listen to “Dalgety Bay” at https://glenfoster.ca