A COUNCILLOR hopes that the return of traffic wardens to Dunfermline’s High Street will clamp down on “horrific” and illegal parking.

Parking charges were re-introduced yesterday and those responsible for dishing them out are pounding the pavements once again.

Councillor Helen Law, the convenor of the City of Dunfermline area committee, feels it has come at just the right time.

“I hope that wardens will be able to bring back a bit of order,” she said.

“I was there on Friday and the parking was horrific.

“When free parking was introduced there was no need for traffic wardens, and I think a minority of people have been taking advantage of that and risking parking in places where they know that they shouldn’t be.

“They know that a warden isn’t around so they’ve been taking the chance of not getting caught or anyone reporting them."

She continued: “They’ve been pulling up directly in front of shops and businesses despite the High Street being only available for deliveries, service repairs and blue-badge users.

“There’s a big notice on Guildhall Street which points this out but people do ignore it.

“You also have the issue where a lot of people use High Street as a through road of sorts and it’s not meant to be that.”

The Press reported last week that Fife Council was to start charging for parking again now that more people are returning to work, visiting shops and travelling for leisure.

Drivers will have to pay in all charged parking places and normal enforcement measures will resume, after being temporarily suspended in April during lockdown.

Dunfermline councillors James Calder and Gavin Ellis have called on the council to consider free parking at certain times and days to help town centre businesses recover from the impact of the pandemic.