HAS anyone seen Ronaldo in West Fife?

The missing cockatiel flew from his home in Rosyth last Tuesday, but he is yet to return.

There was one confirmed sighting a day after his disappearance from Castlandhill Road but he hasn't been spotted since.

Lynne Head, the bird's owner, told the Press: "There's been other sightings elsewhere, but we don't think it was him as we can't imagine him travelling that far.

"He's an indoor bird. He managed to escape through a small gap in the kitchen window and we're now concerned for him as he'll be exhausted now. Hopefully he's not been injured."

He was found up a 60ft tree in Struan Place in Inverkeithing last Wednesday, but the family were unable to get him to come down despite talking to him for hours.

Lynne said: "He was very vocal and he spoke to us but someone else saw him fly away.

"We left his cage on top of the garage there just in case but he never went into it."

Ronaldo is light grey in colour with white markings on his wings.

He has a yellow face with orange cheeks and he also has a yellow crest on the top of his head.

He can produce a very loud high pitch screech that is unlike any normal bird call.

Anyone who spots Ronaldo can contact Lynne via: 07756 444751