HAVE you ever wondered what life would be like in Dunfermline if the town had a metro system?

Could you imagine taking the Abbey Circle Line between pubs on a night out, jumping on a train for East End Park or having your commute time to Amazon cut in half?

Those visions have become a virtual reality thanks to one man’s curiosity and flair for mapping out stations.

Mike Kerr has designed a custom metro which makes its way past numerous landmarks, shops, workplaces and bars and restaurants.

It features six main lines: Carnegie Circle, Abbey Circle, Pittencrieff, Duloch, Townhill and Abbeyview Circle, as well as bus links to Crossford, Crossgates and Dalgety Bay.

“Wouldn’t it be great if you could leave the Seven Kings late at night, jump on the train and be home in minutes?,” Mike pondered to the Press.

“It’s fun to think of all the possible journeys you could take.

“I think the town would look very different if this was in place but I reckon the idea of it will get people talking.

“They’ll either love the idea of this or absolutely hate it. This will be like Marmite!”

Mike, who stays in Bathgate but has spent the past eight years working in Dunfermline, came up with the concept of creating customised metro systems for towns during lockdown.

After creating his now hometown initially, he moved on to draw Armadale, Linlithgow and Livingston, before wrapping up his Dunfermline design last week.

Each design is available to buy as a glossy poster on his online Etsy shop (www.wackymetro.co.uk) and he’s already had a lot of interest and buyers.

He said: “From the sales we’ve had so far, a lot of the people buying them have their street shown on the map and they must think that’s pretty cool.

“Putting Dunfermline together was a bit like a jigsaw puzzle as I started with the edges and worked my way in, making sure I included as many famous places as I could.

“If I was looking at this online, I’d buy it – although I drew it, so I’m maybe a bit biased!”