An Inverkeithing women's lockdown parody videos have become the talk of a radio station!

Salon owner Vicky Jack has been posting parody music videos as well as creating characters to keep her customers (and herself!) entertained while isolating.

One video asking "Fife Council for dosh" has become so popular with over 8,000 views it got the attention of Scottish station Radio Saltire.

Life stopped still for Vicky when her salon Citrus Beauty Room shut to customers and her husband was forced to move out their home as a key worker so she could shield.

The 29-year-old has a rare liver condition called Primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) which is a chronic, or long-term disease that slowly damages the bile ducts, which will lead to Vicky needing a transplant one day.

"My husband had to move out as he works for Tesco so I was alone for three and a half months!" Vicky explained.

"I just thought it would be silly to create some videos and give people something to cheer up their day.

"A lot of people have been messaging me wanting to know how my characters are getting on so it seems to have created some interest!

"I've also seemed to end up with a load of new customers who got in touch because of the videos too!

"So lockdown was rubbish in a sense but at the same time I've met lots of new friends thanks to social media!"

Vicky's many comedy videos now include hits like; I want it waxed away, my isolation don't want none unless you've got iced buns, Year 2020 (Busted), plus more.

"I didn't realise I done so many to be honest until I was looking through them all the other day!" Vicky added.

"My video asking Fife Council to give me dosh seems to be the most popular and I was just taking the mick with that when I didn't have any money coming in.

"It's all just good fun especially being included on Radio Saltire.

"I really enjoy comedy and I put on an event last year to raise money for PSC so I did a stand up set for that so I'll probably carry on doing my videos!

"Once you start you can't stop!

"I'm ok with my condition right now but I'll probably need a transplant in the future so I needed to be safe.

"I've been with my husband Graeme since I was 17 so it was very strange not being with him for such a long time.

"But we were determined we weren't going to be sad and make the best of it!"

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