FUNDRAISING superhero ‘Duloch Spiderman’ has another 49 miles under his belt after running from Edinburgh to Glasgow!

Dave Roper is on a roll and after running a marathon with his fellow West Fife heroes, he decided to go one step further on Sunday and run between Edinburgh and Glasgow Sick Kids hospitals to raise even more cash for the charities.

Dave, aka Duloch Spiderman, has gathered a mass of supporters during lockdown when he began running around Duloch cheering the community up, donning the famous red tights and mask as part of his daily run.

His idea inspired dozens of other superheroes to join across West Fife and they have been fundraising for Calaiswood School, which Dave’s son attends, as well as Edinburgh Sick Kids Hospital.

His running shoes have clocked up an epic 700 miles so far since the start of lockdown!

Dave, 37, completed the run between the two Central Belt cities in nine hours and 31 minutes, setting off at 6am.

He told the Press: “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done but it was so good! I said I was going to try and do it in 10 hours so I’m absolutely thrilled.

“A lot of the superheroes met through the route and ran some of the distance with me and there was quite a few of us by the finish line.

“I’ve had some brilliant support and I’m just blown away by the comments people have left on my Facebook page.

“I am not too bad today (Monday) which is great as I thought I’d be in agony but I’ve been walking around and I feel good!”

So far, Dave’s fundraisers for the Sick Kids hospitals have raised nearly £5,000.

Meanwhile, the superheroes have raised an incredible £12,000 for Calaiswood School during lockdown.

West Fife superheroes have also been nominated for a Pride of Britain award for Community Spirit.

Dave added: “There were 188 donations on Sunday – it’s just crazy support which I’m thankful for.

“I stuffed myself with baked potatoes, pasta and pizza on Saturday night so I didn’t have an appetite when I set off on Sunday.

“I ended up not eating anything the whole day – I just had water and Lucozade so when I woke up this morning it’s fair to say I was starving and treated myself to a McDonald’s breakfast!

“Going forward, I will carry on running around the local area – probably in the evenings now that the kids are back to school.

“I hope to be able to support some local projects with fundraising and help out with park runs.

“This whole thing started as a community thing so anything raised I’d like to put back into the area.”

You can sponsor Dave by visiting