A ROSYTH pensioner has braved the shave to raise cash for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Ellen Hogg, 68, who has Parkinson's, exclaimed her new haircut was a "bit drafty" having taken the plunge.

She was inspired to help after seeing the effects of cancer on family, friends and neighbours.

She told the Press: "When I walked into the Palace hairdressers they asked if I was sure I wanted to go ahead?!

"I said I was definitely getting it off but when I was watching it fall to the ground I was shocked!

"I have never looked like that since I was a baby!

"The lady wondered if I wanted to keep going but I told her to carry on!

"I tell you it's a bit strange and drafty but I've done it!"

Ellen has raised £230 so far for the cause. In the past, she has also raised money by taking on 50-mile bike rides and abseiling on the Forth Bridge.

She added: "It was a friend that shaved her head too a couple of years ago and when she did I thought I could do that too.

"It'll grow back but if I can get some money to help out, that's great.

"I've fundraised for the charity before and we've had people in the family who've had cancer.

"Currently, my daughter's neighbour is suffering from the disease. Hopefully, this money will help others in some way, particularly when charities need all the help they can get right now."