DUNFERMLINE Cinema Project (DCP) has installed its film projector at the Alhambra Theatre as movie magic in the town nears a return.

The team behind the plans have been testing the projector with video displayed on the screen for the first time.

It is a key step forward for the group, who are confident of being able to show films within the theatre this year.

Graeme Spence, from the DCP, told the Press: "It was a big day for us and there was quite a bit of effort involved in terms of installing the projector and being able to display test video on it for the first time.

"The next phase will now be linking it to the Alhambra's in-house speakers to make sure the audio quality is good enough.

"The final step will then be to make sure everything fits perfectly on screen as well as the lighting being right and really just ensuring everything is the way we want it to be."

Their initial idea was to set up home within the proposed Ironmongers Studio but the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a change of plans.

Graeme continued: "The Alhambra offers us more room and a larger, safer environment that enables us to welcome more people and that's where we will be based just now.

"The screen hangs above the stage so it gets hoisted up when it's not in use.

"It takes around an hour to transform the theatre into a cinema again so it's pretty ideal for us."

It was our Press, Take, Action! campaign which inspired the DCP to form, with Graeme stating the “massive response” to our efforts demonstrated the demand for a community cinema to be created in Dunfermline town centre.

Our campaign calling on Odeon to cut ticket prices at their Fife Leisure Park complex launched last February after a Press investigation revealed that the venue was the most expensive cinema in Scotland.

More than 1,500 film fans signed our petition backing our calls, and Odeon submitted a planning application to Fife Council in September last year to transform their Dunfermline cinema into a 'Luxe' venue, which would see a refurbishment take place and recliner seats, more leg room and tables for drinks and snacks brought in.