Contractors have abandoned a four-feet deep hole in a prestigious Dunfermline street. 

This part of New Row (pictured), next to Comely Park, has been left as a worksite for several weeks. 

Fife Council say it is associated with work to connect additional gas supply to a new development. 

Dunfermline Central Councillor Garry Haldane told the Press that contractors had been expected to fill in the hazardous hole yesterday (Thursday) after Fife Council said they would be charged, but they were a no-show. 

Other parts of the New Row near Edmund Place with works have also been left for months - contractors blaming lockdown for the delays. 

The holes will be filled in today we're told whether it is by contractors or Fife Council. 

"Fife Council have told them that they would be charged so the contractors said they were coming to do it but they didn't show up," said Cllr Haldane. 

"The holes will be filled in today (Friday) though. 

"It is hazardous and shouldn't have been left like that."